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A communiqué is published after each meeting with general information about significant matters discussed. More information will be available once the minutes of the meeting are published.

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From Matthew Jones, the chair ...

Communique September 2019

Significant matters discussed at the meeting on 18 September 2019 

QLAF’s last meeting was hosted by Legal Aid Queensland in Brisbane. 

QLAF endorsed and adopted a Strategic Plan for the period 2019-2021.  As the Strategic Plan indicates, QLAF is particularly focused on working with Regional Legal Assistance Forums (RLAFs) to develop and implement Regional Plans, building on the strong work already undertaken by those RLAFs with completed plans and helping other RLAFs to deliver plans suited to their individual regions.  RLAFs are encouraged to provide feedback to QLAF on the ways in which collaboration and communication can be improved. 

At the next meeting in November 2019, QLAF will be discussing ways to coordinate feedback and provide concrete responses to requests for assistance. In the meantime, QLAF expresses its gratitude to all RLAFs for their work to date, particularly their informative reports which have allowed QLAF to note trends in relation to future demand for legal services across the State. 

QLAF noted the impending commencement of the Human Rights Act 2019 on 1 January 2020.  At the next meeting, QLAF will continue discussions around potentially creating a Human Rights Working Group or to alternatively supporting the work of an appropriate reference group outside of QLAF. 

Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with QLAF members if they wish to discuss any of these matters further. 


Our members include representatives of the:

  • Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG)
  • Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department
  • Legal Aid Queensland
  • Community Legal Centres Queensland
  • Queensland Council of Social Service
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Legal Service
  • Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service
  • LawRight Inc
  • Queensland Law Society and the Bar Association of Queensland.

QLAF also maintains a number of sub-groups, which have members from those and other stakeholder organisations.

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