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A communiqué is published after each meeting with general information about significant matters discussed. More information will be available once the minutes of the meeting are published.

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From Matthew Jones, the chair ...

Communique April 2020

Significant matters discussed at the meeting on 20 April 2020

QLAF's last meeting was hosted by Legal Aid Queensland in Brisbane..

Members resumed their discussion around the implementation of the Human Rights Act 2019, with a particular focus on collecting data and sharing information and cases regarding the application of the Act. The implementation of the Act will remain a standing agenda item for QLAF.

The following resources may be of use:

  • CLCQ has a compliance guide tool and many webinars for training on various topics on the Human Rights Act which are available on their website;
  • Legal Aid Queensland also has training webinar available through their website;
  • The Queensland Human Rights Commission have useful training courses available

QLAF also considered and discussed the reports submitted by Regional Legal Assistance Forums including which of the issues raised are already subject to action by members.

Members also discussed that the National Legal Aid Package (NLAP) agreement had been issued for feedback. A potential area for feedback is appropriate resourcing to meet the proposed data reporting standards.

Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with QLAF members if they wish to discuss any of these matters further.

1 Those sub-groups are the ATSI Service Planning Working Group, the Mental Health Service Planning Working Group, the Best Practices and Evidence Base Working Group, the Children and Families Legal Assistance Forum, the Community Legal Education Legal Assistance Forum and 12 Regional Legal Assistance Forums across the state.



Our members include representatives of the:

  • Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG)
  • Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department
  • Legal Aid Queensland
  • Community Legal Centres Queensland
  • Queensland Council of Social Service
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Legal Service
  • Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service
  • LawRight Inc
  • Queensland Law Society and the Bar Association of Queensland.

QLAF also maintains a number of sub-groups, which have members from those and other stakeholder organisations.

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