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Regional Legal Assistance Forums

In 2008, Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) undertook a strategic planning process, during which it identified a number of gaps in service delivery throughout Queensland.

Due to limited funding, LAQ could not address all of these issues and determined that the best way to meet the demand would be through the establishment of more collaborative and cooperative working relationships with other legal service providers in rural and regional Queensland. As a result LAQ set up Regional Legal Assistance Forums throughout regional Queensland.

The purpose of these forums is to assist in reducing service duplication, engender partnering relationships between services and the forums also provide feedback to the Queensland Legal Assistance Forum on the needs of disadvantaged people.

Who participates in this group?

The core membership of the forums consist of legal aid service providers within the region from the following organisations:

Some forums also include representative from the following organisations:

Terms of Reference

  1. To promote cooperation and collaboration between service providers to ensure that the legal needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable clients are met with the best and most effective service available to address these individual needs
  2. To regularly exchange information and promote communication amongst service providers to enhance the ability of those providers to identify and target services to people at risk of experiencing social exclusion
  3. To inform QLAF so that appropriate feedback can be given to governments and other organisations on the needs of those clients and on issues relevant to the practical delivery of legal assistance and representation service