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Best Practice and Evidence Base Working Group (BPEBWG)

The Best Practice and Evidence Base Working Group (BPEBWG) is established as a sub-specialist sub-forum of the Queensland Legal Assistance Forum (QLAF).

The purpose of the working group is to promote cooperation and collaboration between legal and non-legal service providers (as appropriate) to improve the quality and effectiveness of services and client outcomes through improved practice, efficient systems and professional, well-trained staff.

The BPEBWG will also build on empirical research, evidence and analysis of legal need in Queensland to inform service planning and best practice approaches for legal assistance services. 

Who participates in the Best Practice and Evidence Base Working Group?

The working group is comprised of representatives from the following organisations:

Who participates in this group?

Terms of Reference

  • Develop a work plan to address Collaborative Service Planning Initiatives for 2015-18 including:
    • Enhancing the Updated Analysis and Evidence of Legal Need;
    • Promoting use of the Legal Health Check;
    • Supporting regionalised collaborative service planning; and
    • Developing a best practice guide to providing outreach legal services.
  • Build on the latest empirical research on priority demographic groups to assist service providers to:
    • understand the best practice principles to ensure service planning focuses on evidence and collaboration when service planning so that services are targeted, timely, appropriate, integrated and holistic.
    • Adopt best practice approaches in delivering legal assistance services to client groups.
  • Inform the ongoing development of the updated evidence and analysis of legal need in Queensland to inform service planning and enable better targeting of legal assistance services.
  • Consider ways to support increased collaboration and coordination of training and workforce development initiatives, including graduate pathways and career progression
  • Develop and/or sponsor project funding applications to address priority initiatives.
  • Identify, progress and implement priority initiatives and maintain flexibility to address new initiatives as these are identified.
  • Share information and resources to facilitate the implementation of agreed priority initiatives.
  • Advise QLAF on issues relevant to best practice and the use of evidence of legal need to inform planning for legal services.
  • The working group will meet at least four times a year. The Director, Community Legal Centres Queensland is the chair and secretariat support is provided by the QLAF Project Officer and Community Legal Centres Queensland. Information about meetings, including agendas, will be distributed at least one week in advance where possible.
  • The working group will provide updates to the QLAF at least four times per year. Decisions will be on the basis on consensus among members. Members may choose to record dissenting views.