The Queensland Legal Assistance Forum (QLAF) is here to help member organisations address Queensland legal assistance issues.

We do this by facilitating cooperative working relationships with other legal service providers in rural and regional Queensland.

What is QLAF?

The Australian Legal Assistance Forum (ALAF) was established to enable member organisations to consider and address Australian legal assistance issues in a cooperative way and to make recommendations on those issues in a coordinated fashion.

In November 2004, Legal Aid Queensland hosted a National Legal Aid Congress in Brisbane. One of the recommendations coming out of the Congress was that legal assistance forums should be established in all States throughout Australia and that those forums would fill a greater coordination role in strategic planning for legal aid service delivery in each State.

As a result of those recommendations, QLAF was established and held its first meeting in Brisbane on 7 February 2006.

Latest news and events

Collaborative service planning

The Queensland government and the legal assistance sector are working together to undertake collaborative service planning. The aim of collaborative service planning is to coordinate and maximise the reach of legal assistance services, and to ensure they are directed to where they are most needed. Read more...

Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Monthis held annually in May to raise community awareness and send a clear message that domestic and family violence will not be tolerated. Click here to get involved in local events.

Continuing Professional Development calendar

View upcoming Professional Development events for Legal Professionals.

Community legal education

Stay up-to-date with Legal Aid Queensland’s community legal education projects, upcoming events, publications, resources and initiatives. Click here to subscribe to CLE e-news.

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QLAF Members

Legal Aid Queensland
Queensland Law Society
Bar Association of Queensland
Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House
Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services Inc
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld) Ltd
Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service
Queensland Council of Social Services