The Queensland Legal Assistance Forum (QLAF) is here to help member organisations address Queensland legal assistance issues.

We do this by facilitating cooperative working relationships with other legal service providers in rural and regional Queensland.

What is QLAF?

The Australian Legal Assistance Forum (ALAF) was established to enable member organisations to consider and address Australian legal assistance issues in a cooperative way and to make recommendations on those issues in a coordinated fashion.

In November 2004, Legal Aid Queensland hosted a National Legal Aid Congress in Brisbane. One of the recommendations coming out of the Congress was that legal assistance forums should be established in all States throughout Australia and that those forums would fill a greater coordination role in strategic planning for legal aid service delivery in each State.

As a result of those recommendations, QLAF was established and held its first meeting in Brisbane on 7 February 2006.

Latest news and events

Flood and cyclone legal help — A report on Legal Aid Queensland’s role 2010–13

Legal Aid Queensland was instrumental in developing and delivering coordinated disaster legal response services for Queenslanders affected by the 2010–11 cyclone and floods. The response efforts have been documented and consolidated in a report Flood and cyclone legal help A report on Legal Aid Queensland’s role 2010–13

The report gives valuable insight into the process behind the response efforts and the challenges faced in establishing and coordinating an effective multi-organisational response. It will serve as a blueprint for the organisation in dealing with any natural disasters should they arise in the future.

A Disaster Legal Response Plan has also been prepared which provides legal assistance bodies in Queensland with a contingency plan to follow in the event of a disaster, including immediate response measures through to long term evaluation and capacity building.

The flood and cyclone legal help report and the disaster legal response plan are available online in the publications section of the Legal Aid Queensland website

Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland video

ADCQ have launched their new Getting a fair go at the tribunal video which is an information video for applicants, respondents and advocates in discrimination matters  
The video provides information about:

  • the tribunal
  • directions hearings
  • the compulsory conference
  • witnesses
  • documents
  • the final hearing
  • outcomes at QCAT.

Tenancy Union of Queensland video - Tips for resolving tenancy disputes in Qld

TUQ has released a new video series on tips for resolving tenancy disputes in Queensland. The resource includes information about:

  • tenant advice services
  • the RTA dispute resolution service
  • information about the role of QCAT in deciding tenancy disputes
  • how to apply for a hearing or what to expect when you attend a QCAT tenancy hearing.

These videos aim to help tenants resolve disputes and feel better prepared and more confident when going to the Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for a tenancy matter.

Legal Aid Queensland has launched a YouTube channel! Legal Aid Queensland's YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is used to showcase the electronic legal education resources produced by LAQ in partnership with other agencies. The newest addition to the channel is Legal Aid Queensland's annual Law Week Hypothetical event, which took place on Tuesday, 15 May 2012 as part of national Law Week celebrations.

The 2012 Law Week Hypothetical examines what domestic violence is and helps distinguish the myths from the facts.

Facilitator Kay McGrath leads an expert panel through a fictional domestic violence scenario exploring the support services available to victims and perpetrators of violence.

The hypothetical also examines the legal process for getting a domestic violence protection order and compares healthy versus unhealthy relationships

Continuing Professional Development calendar

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Community legal education

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